Geotech Solutions, LLC was started in 2012 as a consulting company to help businesses around Evansville.  We strive to help non-profit groups with their Information Technology needs.  Ten percent of Geotech Solutions, LLC profit goes back into the local non-profit community.  We are a proud locally-owned company.

Established in 2012

This company was founded on the belief that we could help other organizations complete their daily tasks quicker and with less frustrations, while being more cost effective than our competitors. One of our main focuses has been helping non-profits find solutions that fit their needs with their limited budgets.  We have formed a team of caring people that give back to the community whenever possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help fix the bottle necks that are preventing you from having fun and doing your job.  Technology should not bring stress to your life. Many times a simple fix can help clear up some issues without costing a lot of money.
Robert Owen
Owner and Lead Technician

A Bachelors Degree in Computer Management Systems (CMS) from Northwest Missouri State University. Has been a Evansville Resident since 2002. Over 20 years of Information Technology experience.  

Tara Ashworth
Book Keeper

Attended the University of Central Florida. I teach technology to students with special needs. In my spare time, I love to read and travel to visit family and friends.

Our Web Development Team

Jason Douglas Allen
Web Developer

Jason attended The Georgia Institute of Technology around the turn of the century, where he studied computer science, dollar menus, and getting things turned in on time. His competencies include data science, ad-tech, network administration, virtual environments, customer relationship management, APIs, content delivery networks, and front end / back end user experience (UX/UI).

Our Social Media ManagmentTeam

Les Mackey
Social Media Creator

As a student at Eastern Kentucky University and future occupational therapist, Les is majoring in Occupational Science with a minor in Special Education. He also enjoys coffee, spending time with his boyfriend, and the simple idea of socializing with others. He has worked in public relations for various organizations throughout high school, and using this experience, he provides quality social media content for number of our clients.

Vicki Simpson Bohleber
Social Media Creator

Vicki is a life long Southern Indiana resident. Married, one daughter and one grandson. Enjoys reading, bowling, computer games, volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley and watching her grandson’s activities.

If you have spent an hour looking for a solution …… stop and call us. It’s our job to provide a solution so you can focus on your business.

We’re Here for You 24/7

We offer 24-hour service. Your call will always be returned within an hour of leaving a voice message.  We understand that being up and running smoothly can mean the difference between profit, loss, and frustration. 

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